Congratulations! You're All Set. The Leverage120 Funding Workshop Will Start Once The Timer Below Reaches Zero.

You can access the workshop using your phone. When the timer above reaches zero, call the following number to access the workshop:

nn(206) 402-0100

nnWhen prompted, dial this PIN number using your phone's dial pad:


While you wait, watch this video presentation to prepare for the workshop.

During this Leverage120 Funding Workshop you'll discover:

nn- How to get 120% funded at 7% interest rate, nothing down and no points... and how to have the cash in hand in 24 hours.

nn- How to never worry about being underfunded or putting your own funds at risk.

nn- How to quickly and easily get asset based funding even if your credit is banged up.

nn- How to have so much funding available to you that you can take down any deal you want, and are always able to pay in cash... without ever asking a bank for a loan ever again.

nn- How to have all the funding you will ever need available to you at a moment's notice.
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